Optic Factory Productions aims to provide films that compliment the premise of each track. Inspired by experimental and drama techniques within film and animation, we seek to discover the best ways to visualise  the science of music.

To achieve this we use the latest in technical equipment, employing a variety of camera techniques, movement, light and shadow experimentation, cinematography in addition to advanced editing processes that result in a grounded and fresh production.


Our list of fully owned gear is consistently being updated.

Here is our current standard of video, photographic and editing gear.

  • Professional Sony NX5 camera; fully capable of filming at 1080p HD and filming slow motion up to 50 fps.
  • Professional Canon 60D and 600D cameras; fully capable of filming at 1080p HD and filming slow motion up to 60 fps.
  • Bolex H16 Reflex Standard 16mm camera.
  • Canon 18-55 and 50mm lenses.
  • Vintage Nikon 20mm, 50mm, 70-210mm and 50-300 lenses.
  • Opteka 0.4x High Definition II Fisheye Lens; for unique and wide angle barrel distortion.
  • Opteka 10.0x High Definition II Macro Lens Set (+1, +2 and +4); for taking super close-up videography, exposing details which would be otherwise impossible to show.
  • Full Final Cut Studio 3 editing, compiling and colour grading rig to produce, polish and export your production into any format imaginable; including: HDV, DVcam, ProRes HD, DVCPRO HD, YouTube, Vimeo, Digital Betacam, DVD/Blueray and VHS (Some surcharges will apply).
  • Audio recording and mixing facilities including a TASCAM 1082 Digital Mixing Desk and studio standard Yamaha NS-10M Nearfield Monitors.

ON REQUEST; surcharges apply:
  • Super 8 Film Cameras.
  • Super or Standard 16mm Film Cameras.
  • Sony CineAlta EX1 or EX3 Professional ½ inch CMOS Video Cameras.
  • Additional Digital HDSLR; Canon 7D and 5D Professional Cameras.
  • Portable lighting rigs as well as various camera mounts and camera grip.